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JK Rear Bumper / Tire Carrier


AEV’s Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier is like having a giant Swiss Army knife on the back of your JK Wrangler. It is the perfect solution for carrying all of the necessities for a successful overland or backcountry excursion. Our system begins with the Rear Bumper, which provides robust protection against highway and trail impacts. Included in the Bumper are dual 2.4 gallon liquid storage tanks — which are particularly handy on multi-day trips — and mounting provisions for our AEV Splash Guards.

Where our system really shines is with the chassis-mounted Tire Carrier, truly AEV’s most versatile product. Not only does it provide a strong, vibration-free and effortless means of carrying tires up to 40”, but it also accommodates numerous accessories such as our Hi-Lift Jack/Pull-Pal Mount, 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy, and a shovel.

Our Tire Carrier is compatible with the following:

  • Stock Jeep
  • Rubicon X and 10th Anniversary
  • 75th Anniversary
  • Recon
  • MOAB / Call of Duty

Our complete expedition-ready Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier System now holds:

• 40-inch tire     • 10-Gallon Fuel Caddy
• 5-Gallons of water     • Splash Guards
• Back-Up Light     • Pull-Pal Winch Anchor
• Hi-Lift Jack     • Full-size shovel
• Sand Flag     • CB Antenna


Both the Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier are designed so that either component can be installed and used individually, or they can be used together as a complete system.

Key Features:

• Tailgate-synchronized swing-out tire carrier     • Anti-vibration tie-rod adjustment
• Carries up to 40" tires     • Anti-bind swing out cradle
• Chassis-mounted pivot     • Chassis-mounted tubular corner protection
• Liquid storage tanks plumbed together     • Chassis-mounted steel recovery mounts
• Dual 2.4 gallon liquid storage tanks     • No-slip tongue lifting points for High-Lift Jack
• Optional hand pump     • Accessory mast for work light and antennas
• Built-in step for easy roof rack access     • Textured black powdercoat finish
• Works with factory receiver hitch     • Built in shovel holster
• Takes weight of large tires off tailgate     • Bumper and Carrier can be used independently


Kargo Master Safari now offers AEV Rear Bumper Brackets to work with their Congo Pro & Congo Sport Roof Racks!

Please note: The AEV tire carrier is only compatible with 16" diameter wheels and larger.


Manufacturing Process: Formed steel (bumper, corner tubes, tire carrier)

Material: Polyethylene(storage tanks), heavy wall steel tube (tire carrier, corner tubes), 3/8" plate steel (tow points)

Coatings: E-coat, Super Durable polyester textured black powdercoat

Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

Made In: United States

US Patent: D642502, D633024

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Estimated Install Time: 4-6 hours

Tools Required:
Common Hand Tools
Drill Motor
3/8" Drill Bit
2 3/4" Hole Saw
Reciprocating Air Saw or Cut Off Wheel
Center Punch
File or De-burring Tool

Suggested Tools:
Ratcheting Wrench Set

Click Here to download our Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier install sheet

If you're planning on using the AEV Tire Carrier with a stock JK bumper please download our stock rear bumper template sheet

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